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If you have visited this site for the first time Welcome and i hope you will frequent this site or even join our members and take part.Here at Kick'em In The Ghoulies were all about the Martial Way ,so if your into your martial arts whether you train in one or love the films,games or are in to the Asian Music scene  this is the place to be ,so without further rantings please enjoy and train hard and be safe.



     One Rainy Summer

Hi to all fellow visitors , back again for another Summer of fun , though where dodging the showers as the UK gets one of the wettests summers going.

Hyper Japan Festival 2016 is upon us in a couple weeks and we will be hopefully attending the weekend to bring you coverage from the show.

Film wise we have reviews incoming of Japanese drama ''Sword of Desperation '' a intriging tale  about a Samurai to  one of the lords in the Edo period of Japan .

Another oddity is Coinlocker Girl , this Korean action drama may not be for everyone but it's definetly one to keep you thinking .

Other events on the horizon are not finalised yet but Korean film nights are being shown every couple of weeks at the London Korean Cultural Centre and the next film is a light hearted comedy from 2003' Singles'. This is showing on June 30th at the center , visit he KCCUK website to book. 


Singles from 2003 - showing at the London Korean Cultural Center


Remember ,Be Safe,Train Hard, and above all have Fun ,oh and don't forget the Umbrella.

The Snake


June 2016




Pictures from the 2015  Hyper Japan Christmas Market


                                         Incoming Reviews

As well as our reviews of Sword of Desperation and Coinlocker girl  we also look at 2015 Korean smash  'Assassination' and from the same year China's The Assassin.




 A stupendous array of kinetic cinema from Japan ' Korea and China .

Three films no one should miss - feature shorlty.


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